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Welcome to Aquaholic Maldives!

Far away from the crazy world lies a little paradise.


Situated in the northernmost atoll of Maldives, our home island Vashafaru is a real hidden gem. Surrounded by a wonderful turquoise lagoon and one of the most beautiful beaches in Maldives it’s the perfect place for a dream holiday. More than 20 dive sites in our neighbourhood promises unforgettable underwater moments. Sharks, turtles, mantas, tropical fishes of all colours and shapes are here for you. Not to mention a very pleasant 28 degrees water temperature.


Stay at our guesthouse, feel the real maldivian hospitality and discover the local food and culture.


A real boutique experience, above and under water.


At Aquaholic we’re passionate about the ocean and life under and above the waves. We enjoy blowing bubbles, we love to share our passion with fellow divers and we are happy to show this amazing world to everyone who decides to do their first underwater breaths. Scroll around our page and don’t hesitate to contact us for any information needed.

Diving for everyone

become an aquaholic

We have a wide range of packages available, all of them are completely customisable to your wishes. Besides amazing fun dives, we also offer PADI courses, discovery dives, night dives and other water based activities. Our AquaVilla will accommodate you in comfy rooms decorated in local style with a touch of european comfort.
You won’t find crowds of people at our place and this is the way we like it.

new to the water?

Maldives are a perfect place to try scuba diving! We start with a little bit of theory, just to give you the basics. First underwater breath will be in our lagoon, at depth of 2-3 metres. In this safe and controlled environment you will do a few skills, which will prepare you for your first open water dive.

Has it been a while?

You had your certification done and last dive was over a year ago? Even if your last dive was 20 years ago, let's get you back to diving shape. Short theory to refresh your memory, a few skills practiced in our lagoon and you're back to fun diving in no time.

Want an upgrade?

Did a discovery dive and now you want more? Or just open water certification is not enough and you want to go advance or rescue? We are here for you! Our PADI courses will give you new knowledge in a proffesional and fun way.

i'm an aquaholic, let's dive

More than 20 dive sites in our neighbourhood promises unforgettable underwater moments. Sharks, turtles, mantas, tropical fishes of all colours and shapes are here for you. Not to mention a very pleasant 28 degrees water temperature.

get certified

choose your PADI course


This course is your ticket to discover the amazing underwater world. It consists of three phases: knowledge development (theory lessons with final exam), five confined water dives to learn basic scuba skills and four open water dives to use your new skills and start enjoying the beauty of underwater world. As a PADI Open Water Diver, you’ll be trained to dive to a max depth of 18 metres. You don't need any preexisting knowledge or skills, just the curiosity and love for the ocean. The rest is on us.


To get an even better knowledge choose PADI Advanced open water course. The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills through different Adventure Dives. There are two required dives – Deep and Underwater Navigation – and you choose the other three, for a total of five dives. You can choose from photography, buoyancy control, fish identification, exploring wrecks and many more.

Adventure Dives

As a certified scuba diver you’ve already experienced the thrill of eploring the underwater world, but there’s more to discover. If you’re looking for new dive adventures, or to improve your scuba skills, or both, taking another PADI dive course will help you gain more confidence. You can choose from many different adventure dives, depending on your preference. Deep dive, night dive, search and recovery, peak performance buoyancy are just a few of them.


The PADI Divemaster course is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you’ll fine-tune your dive skills, like perfecting the effortless hover, and refine your rescue skills so you anticipate and easily solve common problems. You’ll gain dive knowledge, management and supervision abilities so you become a role model to divers everywhere.</p> <p>As a PADI Divemaster, you’ll lead others as you supervise scuba diving activities and assist with diver training.

For all above courses PADI offers great option called e-learning. Read, interact, watch and self-assess your learning by answering exercise questions after each topic and completing section Knowledge Reviews and quizzes, along with a final exam. All this from the privacy of your home and at your own pace. We will be there for you, if you will have any questions as you learn.


The best part of e-learning is, that you can do it anytime (max 1 year) prior to your arrival to Maldives. And when you’re here we just do the water part and still you get plenty of time for fun dives and to enjoy our amazing beach.


Boutique approach to customers service, top scuba diving services and trips, just sand and shoes. good vibes

Slovenia Sanja O.

I felt really secure diving with Aquaholic team. Janez was great guide, proffesional and friendly.

Italy Andrea C.

I loved my experience with Aquaholic Dive Center! They took care of me, from start to finish, in an exceptional and professional way, everything to feel safe !!! I recommend Aquaholic center Dive without hesitation to all diving enthusiasts or those who would like to try an unforgettable first experience !!!!

Canada Laurie P.

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